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Accelerator stiff/sticky HELP!

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 26. Mai 2017, 21:29
von paullanzarotti
I have a 1998 Mexican Beetle and the accelerator pedal is stiff and not smooth. It makes driving the car smoothly almost impossible!

I have replaced the cable, I have checked the metal pipe in the fan housing is in place and secure but nothing works - the accelerator is still sticky.

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to fix the issue?

Re: Accelerator stiff/sticky HELP!

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 7. Jul 2017, 17:08
von John7721
Hi. Some time ago I had a similar problem but not on a Mexican. Turned out the attachment point for the cable in the bulbous housing in the opposite side of the tunnel to the pedal array was rubbing in the inside of that housing. I only discovered it by examining the inside and finding a slight score mark. You may have had a look inside when you changed the cable. May be worth a second look? John